One Keyboard To Rule Them All

I have a dream.

In that dream, I am the owner of a house.

And in that house, there is a room which serves as my refuge from the outside world. It is the place where I can work, think, read, and write in peace. On the wall there is a map of the world courtesy of National Geographic, next to some framed pieces of Islamic calligraphy. The walls are lined with bookshelves full of my favourite books.

In the middle of the room is my desk, complete with a top-of-the-line Mac desktop. Why would I need a top-of-the-line computer? God knows, but hey, it’s MY dream, so I can put any computer in it that I want, mmmkayyy?

More importantly, in front of the Mac is this beautiful keyboard from Drop, complete with its Lord of the Rings keycap set:

It’s a nice dream.