Dark Path

Whenever we take a picture, our natural tendency is to brighten things up, thus allowing us to see what is going on more clearly.

Sometimes, however, it helps to reduce the exposure slightly to achieve a different result. I took this picture while wandering about the town of Bowness-on-Windermere in what is known as the Lake District here in the United Kingdom.

It was getting dark, we were looking for a place to have dinner, but decided to walk down to the shore of Windermere (saying Lake Windermere would’ve been a tautology since ‘mere’ is Old English for ‘lake’ or ‘pool’) to watch the sunset.

What I especially like about this picture is that it reminds me of a particular scene in the Lord of the Rings. It’s the one in which Frodo, standing in the middle of the path while his friends were fighting over mushrooms, realises that something terrible is coming their way and tells everyone to hide. Seconds later, a Black Rider appears, sniffing the air as if trying to track something, or someone.

Thankfully, nothing terrible came our way! Instead, we had a very enjoyable dinner afterwards at a restaurant called the Lake Raj in Bowness. Shame there weren’t any mushrooms on the menu though.