The village of Bibury in the Cotswolds region dates back to 1086 based on a record in the Domesday Book. These days it is famous for the line of 17th-century cottages called Arlington Row that once housed weavers working to supply cloth to nearby Arlington Mill.

I brought my family along to visit the village, arriving there in the late evening just before sunset. Despite the absence of international tourists, there was still a small crowd wandering around its picturesque lanes. We saw trout swimming in the River Coln that flows through the village. Temporary fencing prevented overzealous tourists from disturbing a swan nest on the river bank next to the local hotel (aptly named The Swan).

Some guy once described Bibury as “the most beautiful village in England” and I can definitely see why. I hope the National Trust continues its excellent work of preserving places like these.

If you’re ever in the Cotswolds region—you know, once the pandemic is over and all—then Bibury is definitely on my list of places worth visiting.