Family Game Night #1

I am pretty much hopeless at any game with fast-paced action; when it comes to reaction times, mine are only marginally faster than those of an Aplysia californica. That’s why I tend to gravitate towards card games (like Magic: The Gathering) as well as board games.

Recently, I bought a board game called Dungeon! in an effort to convince my kids that tabletop gaming is a worthwhile alternative to Minecraft or Fortnite. I’ve been toying with the idea of having regular family game nights on weekends. This way we get to spend time doing something fun together, instead of the more common situation nowadays where every member of the family is staring at a small screen, lost in their own virtual world.

Battle Report

Party composition:

Dad: Rogue (Halfling)
M1: Fighter (Human)
M2: Fighter (Human)
M3: Wizard (Elf)

Being a puny halfling rogue, I mostly stuck to fighting low level monsters like orcs and dire rats, leaving my 4 year-old son (M3) to take care of tougher monsters like giants and dragons. That in turn gave my daughter and elder son (M1 and M2) the freedom to smash their way through the rest of the dungeon.

We decided not to be too strict about the rules, letting M3 role the dice multiple times in order to defeat the monsters. After all, what matters is that you’re having fun while playing, and I think M3 certainly enjoyed incinerating monsters with his fireballs and lightning bolts.

Winner: M3
Game duration: 45 minutes