Conversations #1

For all its downsides, the pandemic has given many of us a chance to spend more time with our families. In the monotony of our present lives, it is easy to lose track of the passage of time. But time marches on regardless. One moment, you’re cradling your newborn son in a warm blanket, and before you know it, he’s telling you all his friends’ names at school (Ronny, Ion, Shala, Reyhan, and Kitty…in that order).

I whispered to my son last night, just as he was about to go to sleep:

“Don’t grow up too fast, M.”

He thought about it for a few seconds, perhaps wondering why I didn’t want him to grow up so quickly.

“But if I drink more milk, soon I’ll be four years old right? Then five, six, and seven years old!” came the enthusiastic reply.

“Sure buddy,” I said, wiping a tear from my eye.


  1. Yes, enjoy every moment. Goes by so fast! Mine now in 26!

    1. Aliyya says:

      Awwww…Won’t regret the time spent with them and you!❤️

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