Welcome To The Dark Side

I wanted to try something different for the site and so decided to switch to a darker colour scheme for the time being. The white background from the previous version made reading difficult because of its brightness and strong contrast.

Either that, or my eyes are just getting old…

Mostly I am happy with the new design which is based on the Exford theme from Automattic, although I still need to tweak a few things related to colours and font sizes.

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. azharharian says:

    Barulah Black!😝

  2. i recall how amazed I was at the snow when I first visited the USA. I am from Brazil and it does not snow there. I loved watching it fall and digging my car out of it in the morning before work. The locals though I was crazy, to them the snow was a nuisance.

    1. Imran Idris says:

      People in tropical countries tend to laugh when they see foreigners sunbathing in the scorching afternoon sun. I guess this is the other side of the coin: when folks who’ve never seen snow insist on going out to take pictures in freezing temperatures!

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