Neurons In Nature

I have a lot of photos of trees, more than what a normal person would (should?) have in their collection.

In my defence, trees always remind me of neurons for some reason, and for that very reason I find myself taking photos of them whenever I look up and see the familiar branching patterns.

Take, for example, this image:

Compare that with some of Santiago Ramón y Cajal’s incredible drawings of neurons, like the one that graces the cover of the book ‘A Beautiful Brain’ seen below:

It’s amazing how similar they look, isn’t it?

So whenever you feel tired of looking down at your smartphone, may I suggest looking up every once in a while to admire these ‘neurons’ in our natural surroundings? Just don’t walk into a tree, that’s all!

Disclaimer: This may, or may not, have happened to the author before.


  1. My last post was about branching patterns. They are so pervading in nature!

    1. Imran Idris says:

      Yes, I love what you did with the black & white image of the leaf.

      I pretty much just use my iPhone for photography, although sometimes I wish I had a dSLR as well for moments when I really want an image to turn out right. Perhaps I just need to get better at using my iPhone, particularly with regards to using manual controls for photography.

      1. You can do a lot with the iPhone these days! There are several apps that help you achieve that great look. The leaf you can try to put a flashlight behind a large one and the iPhone will do it well.

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