Cold Morning

Alhamdulillah, the children were able to experience snow for the first time in their lives yesterday morning.

One of the perks of living next to a park is that we can still go for a quick walk despite the lockdown. I took this opportunity to drag my kids out of bed early so that they can see the splendour of freshly fallen snow before more people started walking about in it.

In my heart, I hope they will grow up to love and appreciate the environment.

The issue of climate change, or to use a better term, global warming, is something that is not given enough emphasis right now. Whether in the form of flooding (as we are seeing in Malaysia), or forest fires, the impact of global warming is only set to become more severe unless we take better care of our world.

I want to teach my children to become better stewards of the environment. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got, at least until someone figures out how to terraform Mars!

The world is a beautiful place, despite all the challenges we are facing right now, and it would be a shame to lose this beauty because of our reckless attitude towards the environment.